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If my pages look strange on your browser I would appreciate if you let me know. I have tested them on MS Internet Explorer 2.0 and Netscape 2.0 Gold, but other Browsers or versions might not support all the HTML-commands.

I have excluded some midi-file because of this (they are handled differently, it seems, in Netscape and Explorer).
this and you will see what I mean

I have also noticed that the most common browsers seem to interpret the COLOR-Hex-code differently.

Don't even TRY any of the above on Netscape(1 or 2) unless you're a masochist.

OK! If your browser can't handle tables Here are the Answers to the Text and for the BGCOLOR part 1   & part 2
And the banner across the page is only visible if you are running IE.

My first WEB-project was Volcano

Actually not an original (it's the result of a tutorial. But I DID it myself)

The tutor can be found if you go to: Writing HTML

The background colour is SUPPOSED to be White with a slight COOOL Blue in it (FEFFFE)

If the above is true, the following part will look different if you look at it on a grey background.

TRY it

#FF8040 Colour-field
#C09506 Orange-Brown
#FF804F Another Orange
#FFEEEE Off-white (egg)
#6095c6 Matt Blue(towards green)
#6699CC Matt Blue(Netscape OK)
#80E0E0 Matt Green towards blue)
#008000 Dark Green
#000000 Black
#FFFFFF Pure White
#236B8E Nice Dark blue This code is Blue as background but Green if you assign it to text (in Netscape)

If you see NO colored text above, your Browser does NOT support the HTML 3- COLOR tag. (Sorry about that) You can check my page on Backgrounds if you're interested.





to be continued later on..... The table is now solved to work on Netscape 3.0 and MS Internet Explorer see above.

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