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Some information about Boris (That's me)

My voice

Born 1940 - and I hope you're able to figure out my age without me adding a -button for it

Education: Electronics engineer, field:Servo-technic.
I also have studied art and theater history at the
university of Stockholm.
(but the final paper still needs to be written)

Profession: Worked for IBM Sweden 1966-1993 as programmer, system engineer, and business analyst. The last years as Country coordinator for IBMLink (also called DIAL-IBM)
and at THAT time NOT available on the NET.

Also For 10 years as a union member of the board and chairman of the white collar association (in Swedish SIF=Svenska Industritjänstemannaförbundet) of employees at IBM Stockholm. That type of work includes yearly negotiations as well as items related to the Swedish law of co-deciding.

Interests: Cultural, theatre, movies, modern dance and modern non-representational art like Tapies, Fontana, Poliakoff, Franz Kline Kandinsky and Mondrian
( I will try to add links here to show you example of these - and other - artists )
Might not be so easy with present Copyright laws. :-)

Habitat: In a coop, in the central part of Stockholm overlooking the Church of Maria (not the Virgin, the other one).

Life Companion: since 1967 Susan (we have no kids, no pet, not even a TV)
Another dear companion is our Volvo Amazon of 1967 vintage.

And since the beginning of 1998 (life goes on)

And now ?:
Since my early 'retirement' from IBM I work as a PC-instructor for adult beginners.
The rest of my time I try to learn more about the Net. My ambition is to design and construct an interactive PC-program about i.e. art-appreciation.

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