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"I don't paint the way I want, I paint the way I can" /Georges Braque

I've had this homepage since April 96

and a proofreader in Seattle (NO it's NOT Bill Gates)

I've been surfing since June-95

I've had a PC since 1993

and although I'm a newbee I have already made
friends and Progress and in spite of all the fabulous pages on the WEB, I'm fairly pleased with my humble efforts.

My main interests in life are theater, films (non-Hollywood) and the visual arts, although I've been working with computers for 30 years.
Maybe that's why ?!

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Uppsats om Manzoni och Wolgers
Doc-format (med sidfötter)

Bastubadandet i det Svenska folkhemmet  

Uppsats om Anders Sparrman i Afrika på 1700-talet

Uppsats om Sven Hedin och synen på honom

Från elverk till moské - en kulturell kraftmätning

Piero Manzoni - ekklektiker eller föregångare (PDF-format)

Teaterprogrammens innehåll i ett historiskt perspektiv  (PDF-format)

·         Some Personalia

Only in swedish (at present)
Kilroy was here

I live in Stockholm at


I have ON PURPOSE restricted myself from adding 'personal favorites' .
This page is thus planned to contain only Original material
This means that I take full responsibility for EVERYTHING you might find on these pages and there is no-one else to blame

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